Monday 15th October

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Mark Thomas 1

Mark Thomas: ‘Trespass’ at The Tricycle, 25th April – 7th May

By Ian Cater, Chief Features Writer

Next week, Mark Thomas begins a two-week residency at Kilburn’s The Tricycle in the latest leg of his Trespass tour.  If you think age might have mellowed one of the bête noirs of the 1990s, guess again: Thomas is as frustrated as ever with what’s being allowed to happen to his country – this time its public spaces.

And frustration brings the best out of him, propelling him into another mish-mash of storytelling, stand-up, activism and journalism that makes his act truly unique.  As long as the world is an imperfect place, you sense that Mark Thomas will stick around to point it out.  But, to be safe, head to see a master at work while you can.

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Category: Comedy