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A Taste of Turkey: Gokyuzu Restaurant Review

| Restaurants | 10/07/2013

Turkish, Green Lanes

Located in the heart of Green Lanes North London, Gokyuzu is the most popular Turkish restaurant on the road. This is an achievement as all the restaurants along the road sell similar food, so what makes Gokyuzu so different?

I arrived to find a long queue, that spilled onto the pavement. People watched the food being prepared through the glass window, the savoury wafts were enough motivation to keep them queuing. Inside the chefs were busy at work, cooking meat and serving salad with practised precision. Thankfully we had a booking so went straight to our table.


The restaurant has a clean modern feel, with wooden décor throughout with two main rooms. The tables are close together, so it can be uncomfortable when the restaurant is at it’s busiest in the evening.There is also a bigger room at the back that can accommodate a larger group of up to 25 people. In the first room hangs a picture of Big Ben, a physical display of  the merging of British and Turkish culture.


When we first arrived we were given warm flat bread and tzatziki – a traditional sauce made with strained yoghurt. The combination of home made bread and creamy sauce resulted in an empty bread basket. Like your favourite pack of crisps, you can’t stop until you have finished. I would advise you to go easy on the bread, in order to keep space for your generous main course. The best part about this starter is that it’s  free. The main other starter available is soup, which comes in a variety of flavours and it priced at £4.

We ordered the full platter which is every meat lover’s dream: kofte, chicken cubes, chicken wings, chicken shish, lamb cubes, and lamb chops. The meat sits on a bed of white rice, tomato flavoured couscous and wait for it – more bread. The couscous flavour reminds me of African jollof rice. The £25 platter claims to feed 2 people but three of us struggled to finish it. This could comfortably feed 4 people, more for groups with a smaller appetite.

We were also given three plates of salad – the amount will change depending on the number of people. The salad consists of all the things you would expect with a kebab – apart from the olive oil and tasty pomegranate drizzle.

The desserts are a disappointment, as they only have 3 options, 2 of  which are Turkish desserts. This is an ideal option, if you are willing to try something other then your usual cheesecake, however I feel that the dessert menu could be more extensive.


The drinks menu is very large compared to other Turkish restaurants that I have been to. Whether you drink spirits, wine or non alcoholic beverages, you are sure to find something. What I liked most is that they allowed us to bring our own champagne as we were celebrating  a birthday. I think this was very nice of them as they already had champagne on the menu.

Atmosphere/ customer service 

The restaurant is very loud in the evening, and you can hear your neighbour’s conversation as the tables are close together. I would not recommend Gokyuzu for an intimate dinner. If your looking to beat the crowd, then it would be best to eat here at lunchtime. There is a diverse range of people which makes for a nice light hearted atmosphere. If you are sitting at the front of the restaurant then you can watch the food being prepared. That in itself if a special treat, as it’s not often we get to watch our food being prepared in restaurants.

The customer service is excellent and the staff will do everything to make you feel comfortable. At peak times it can be hard to get their attention as they are so busy.

If you are looking for an authentic Turkish restaurant which is good value, I would recommend Gokyuzu.

Address: 26-27 Grand Parade, Green Lanes London, N4 ILG

Tel: 020 8211 8406


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