Sunday 04th December

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Arcelor Mittal Orbit: See London differently

| Art, Culture, Holidays, Kids, Parks, Things to do | 07/04/2015

The Arcelor Mittal Orbit
The Arcelor Mittal Orbit

Now a firm part of London’s ever evolving skyline the Arcelor Mittal Orbit situated within the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is a towering mark of construction. The UK’s tallest sculpture, the work of artist Anish Kapoor and architect Cecil Balmond, the Orbit is an inspirational construction, with some inspirational views of the city below.

Standing at 114 metres the structure has been constructed with an impressive 60% of recycled material. Though it can be seen from pretty much most of East London, upon arrival at the Orbit it doesn’t seem to overshadow the park below or the surrounding area. The red-painted steel structure is for some an inspirational reminder of the Olympic Games, to others it might seem an unnecessary addition to the park, but no one can question the views it provides.

The view from the Arcelor Mittal Orbit

The view from the Arcelor Mittal Orbit

Upon walking into the Orbit you are immediately overwhelmed by the massive rusting steel canopy or enormous like trumpet as you take the short life up the viewing platforms. The viewing platforms offer spectacular views of the city below. Those who have been to the Shard will immediately be aware of the difference in views. The Shard offers a view of central London, whilst the Orbit provides a view of the outskirts of London –yet still very impressive. The Olympic Park below can be seen in its full-glory, which includes a hawk-eye view inside the Olympic Stadium, the Aquatics Centre, and beyond the Orbit you’ll be able to see other London landmarks such as the Gherkin, the Shard, and the O2 Arena.

The immersive structure is brought together by a winding steel staircase, which the adventurous amongst you will walk down to take in the view as you descend. Overall, the Orbit provides a challenging twist to what we perceive of London; the view though in terms of location may not offer the glamour of central London, it nevertheless is an immersive experience. And for £15 (adults) and £7 (children) you get more than paid for; in fact as you look over the edge of the viewing platform, you can believe that what you’re experiencing is worth the price.

The Orbit was a controversial addition to the Olympic Park with many questioning its significance. But post-Olympic Games, the Orbit is a worthwhile addition to London, and particularly East London. The Orbit is a brilliant way of experiencing the city – this is by all means a different way to see London.

Written by Sandip Kana | @sandipkana

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