Friday 09th December

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BBQ Previews. The Invisible Dot Ltd.

| Comedy | 24/06/2014


Bridget Christie is one of the best in the business at combining a serious message with seriously big laughs. When she’s on-form, like she is tonight, it’s easy to see why she’s been winning awards left, right and centre (or should that be left, left and left?). She’s a professional feminist, a natural enemy to UKIP and that shining beacon of political progression known as ‘The Daily Mail’. Her message is socially orientated, and handles a variety of topics not traditionally suitable for comedy (i.e. FGM). Somehow though, and this is testament to her intellect and comedic talents; she manages to convey important ideas that are thought provoking and side splitting in equal measure.

The media, and its portrayal of women, take the main brunt of Christie’s righteous indignation. And to be perfectly honest (sorry misogynists), everything she says is bang on the money. It’s crazy to think that we live in a world in which certain people still think feminism, and therefore gender equality, is a trivial issue. Bridget pinpoints the flaws in this skewed outlook, and makes you laugh loudly as she does it. In many ways, being funny is the straightforward part for a comedian. Engaging an audience in subjects that matter, and being hilariously funny at the same time, is a much more difficult juggling act. Christie’s talent for keeping multiple plates spinning make her one of Britain’s most important comics. I can’t recommend her enough.

John Kearns is, in many ways, a modern-day Andy Kaufman. Like Kaufman, in his prime, Kearns is a wildly unpredictable and hyper-surreal stage presence. He commits to his wig-wearing caricature with real gusto, and thrives within the nervous atmosphere his wonderfully weird style creates. He also isn’t afraid to take risks, and openly relishes the division of audience opinion. Kearns is the personification of Absurdism, a hand grenade of chaos and silliness. I could honestly talk all day about how much I rate him, I could but I won’t. Just know this; he’s bloody brilliant! A top banana wrapped in the cat’s pyjamas, he’s a must-see at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe (and one of my personal favourites).

Enough about the comedians, let’s talk about that complimentary half-time burger. It’s the real reason you’re here isn’t it? Comedically speaking, the burger is quite disappointing. In fact, throughout it’s allotted running time (box to face, face to stomach) the burger failed to utter a single memorable punch line. That being said, I can probably forgive this indiscretion seeing as it’s only a burger and burgers aren’t exactly renowned for their humorous observations. I’ll finish this unnecessary paragraph by saying that the burger (provided by Honest Burgers no less) is outrageously delicious. It really is a cracking little bonus in the interval, and another reason to check out the BBQ Previews down at The Dot.

If you’re heading to Edinburgh this August, and want to know more about where/when you can see Bridget and John, I’ve put the links below. Because, well because I’m nice like that. You’re welcome!

By Jack Clayton (@BilboTalk).

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