Tuesday 27th September

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Crying Duck. Comedy Showcase. 28/03/14.

| Comedy | 01/04/2014

Crying Duck Comedy Showcase

Like a biscuit enthusiast who can’t stop going to the biscuit tin, I once again find myself attending a Crying Duck comedy show.  Their monthly showcase at the Park Theatre has quickly, and quietly, built up a reputation as a must-see for fans of cool-alternative comedy.  Because I’m such a fan of cool-alternative comedy, I keep going back for extra helpings.  On the menu tonight, we have Pierre Novellie (not French), Mark Silcox, Evelyn Mok and David Trent.

Pierre Novellie (not French) is a South African who makes a number of great observational comparisons between life in London, and life in Johannesburg.  Joburg, he tells the audience, is like Gotham City except Batman has been dead for a really long time. Novellie also sheds some light on the exact meaning of The Lion King’s opening song in such a way that you won’t be able to listen to it in quite the same way ever again.  Racism can be a thorny issue in comedy, but Novellie handles it with aplomb.  His set is a solid start to the night, and one that sets the mood perfectly for what is to come.

Mark Silcox is up next, and he has the audience in stitches from start to finish.  He’s almost impossible to define and there aren’t really any jokes as such, he’s just really, really, really, really funny.  The secret, I think, is in his deadpan delivery and total, unrelenting, commitment to the caricature on stage.  However he does it, he does it better than most.  Silcox is a must-see act, and one of my top tips for 2014.

Watching her do her thing on stage, it’s easy to see why Evelyn Mok is such a favourite with The Duck.  Not afraid of self-deprecation, Evelyn puts a fresh spin on comedic clichés surrounding nationality and gender.   Her presentation of three “jokes” suggested to her by a comedy writing coach is particularly enjoyable.  An overly talkative, and distinctly unfunny, audience member does threaten to derail her set with his relentless attention grabbing.  The man, who has been an annoying distraction throughout the showcase, happens to be sitting right in front of me. I can only apologise to Evelyn, and the other comedians, for not dishing out some vigilante justice to the back of his head.

Our headline act for the evening is David Trent.  Trent, formerly a Primary School teacher, has a projector with him and uses it to great effect.  Taking apart the workings of Rudimental, Nick Griffin and Robin Thicke brick by brick, he deconstructs his subject matters in the most perfect ways imaginable.  His targets are undoubtedly easy ones, but that doesn’t make his dissection of them any less funny.  His set reminded me of an angrier, and more comically focused, Tarrant on TV. Remember Tarrant on TV?  Well, this is it (sort of).

If you still haven’t enjoyed the delights of a Crying Duck Comedy night, what’s taking you so long?  It’s almost like you’re not listening to me.  Listen to me!

By Jack Clayton (@BilboTalk).


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