Tuesday 29th November

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Disney’s Aladdin flies into the West End

| Theatre | 22/06/2016



Two years after its Broadway debut, Disney’s Aladdin has arrived in London’s West End to run at The Prince Edward Theatre until 11th February 2017.  The magical musical – based on the timeless Middle Eastern folk tale – stars former Sugababe Jade Ewan, Dean-John Wilson and Trevor Dion Nicholas.

On its opening Arabian night, Disney pulled out all the stops by laying on a surprise purple – but non-flying – carpet for the arriving audience.  There on the carpet was Shannon Rawlins to report back for What’s On London.

Casey Nicholaw’s production is full of energy, spirit and comedy from start to finish.  The costumes, props and – in particular – the scenery are fabulous.  I genuinely felt like I was in a whole new world throughout the show.

Unfortunately, Dean-John Wilson falls a little bit flat in the role of Aladdin.  His fairly average voice is regularly overshadowed by most of the others, meaning that his big duet on the magic carpet doesn’t quite capture the audience as it should do.  However, it probably doesn’t help him that the flying carpet takes the majority of attention away from the musical’s most famous number.


One of the stand-out performances of the night was most certainly Jade Ewan as Princess Jasmine.

The former Sugababe, model and Eurovision entrant was stunning as the sassy princess who refuses to be married off to any old prince, bringing attitutde and heart to the character, as well as a beautiful voice.

Finally, no review of this show would be complete without mentioning the outstanding performance by Trevor Dion Nicholas, our Genie for the night.

Being charasmatic, comedic and charming isn’t quite enough to make you forget about the classic portrayal by Robin Williams back in 1992, but Nicholas shines bright as the fun-loving, magical genie.  Saddened by his entrapment yet positive nonetheless, he engages the audience constantly whenever he is on stage and I was mesmorised for the entirety.

Aladdin is showing at The Prince Edward Theatre until 11 February 2017.  Tickets are available here: www.ticketmaster.co.uk/Disney-presents-Aladdin-tickets/artist/2104299.


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