Sunday 04th December

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Gina Yashere. Udderbelly Festival.

| Comedy | 23/05/2014

Gina Yashere

Gina Yashere, Gina Yashere, Gina Yashere, from Mock The Week. Gina Yashere, Gina Yashere, Gina Yashere from another episode of Mock The Week. She’s done other things for the telebox of course, but endless repeats of Mock The Week certainly stick in the mind like an oversized thumb. Speaking of things jabbing the mind’s eye like an oversized thumb, the pattern on Gina’s shirt was an absolute cracker. I know, I know, you came here for a comedy review not a second-rate Vogue article. But seriously, what an eye-catching piece of clothing it was. I would have taken a photo, but in this particular instance I hope you’ll settle for my words and their innate ability to speak a thousand pictures.

Really cool pattern on the shirt.

Now that’s over and done with, let’s get on with the review. I’ll get the negatives out of the way, before building up towards the positives like a mountain climber ascending an escalator in a shopping centre.

The use of the word “retarded”, early on, is definitely an error in Gina’s judgement. And the less said about Gina’s impersonation of Oscar Pistorius hobbling around without his legs, also early in the show, the better. Don’t even get me started on the supposedly funny idea that Pistorius, a disabled man on trial for his girlfriend’s murder, deserves to be a “f*** puppet” for prison inmates. It’s all meant to be a joke of course, but as jokes go it’s a pretty feeble one (not to mention, offensive). Come on Gina. You’re better than that.

Fortunately for myself, and everyone in the audience, Gina does get things back on track with some comical anecdotes and bubbly audience interaction. The gentle mockery she dishes out to an elderly lady called Pat is taken in the right spirit, and is a strangely charming thing to behold. Part of me thinks that Gina and Pat should become a regular double act in the style of Corbett and Barker. If my courage hadn’t deserted me in the moment, I’m sure I would have cried out heroically and demanded more Pat. But alas, the Yashere and ‘Onthehead’ double-act shall have to settle for being merely a pipedream of my imagination.

(If you’re reading this Pat ‘Onthehead’, I think you have a big future in comedy)

(I’m really trying to push my Pat ‘Onthehead’ joke)

(I’ll stop writing in brackets, and mentioning Pat ‘Onthehead’).

There’s something kind of old school about the way Gina does things. She tells stories, makes observations; finds the funny in the everyday nit and grit. It’s not groundbreaking stuff by any stretch of the imagination, but it is a fine example of someone who revels in the art of clowning around. Yashere reminds me of that kid in school, the one who loved making wisecracks and then getting in trouble for it by taking things too far. The spirit of youthful immaturity lives on in Gina and, just so we’re clear, I don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing.

She’s loud, she’s brutally honest, she doesn’t hold any punches, and she’s got a comedy spirit coursing through her veins. She’s Gina Yashere, she’s on at the Udderbelly.

You’ve seen her on Mock The Week; why not see her in a big purple cow instead?

By Jack Clayton (@BilboTalk).

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