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Healthy Dining made Easy – Gyms Kitchen Review

| Restaurants | 25/07/2013

A unique dining experience

At the quieter end of Leyton High Road is Gyms Kitchen, the first protein based restaurant in the UK. This quirky eatery is the brain child of three friends with one mission, to make London healthy.  This is more then just lip service, but a genuine ethos as customers are supported in and out of the kitchen, with the option to consult on-site nutritionists. Could healthy eating be exciting and actually taste great?

As I entered the restaurant I noticed press cuttings of celebrity eaters, which were a mixture of sporting and TV stars. The interior was clean and modern, with an open planned kitchen so I could see the food being prepared. The day was stiflingly hot and a handful of people were enjoying their late lunch in the shade of the restaurant, but the garden looked more interesting.


The garden is a tranquil paradise, with an array of outdoor tables and built in canopy with soft chairs. There was even a bench press.The exercise theme is also extended to the grill area, which has a fully functioning bench press with weights.  As I sat down at the round table I noticed the two stone Buddha heads that were located either side of the garden entrance. There was also a Grecian style sign displaying Gyms.

Can you spot the Making London Healthy sign in the window?


For starters we had carrot and celery served with homemade houmous. The houmous was much coarser and more garlicky compared to shop bought ones, which I thought gave it a more authentic taste. The starter had awakened my taste buds without filling my stomach before the main course.

For the main course we had half a chicken with  Teppanyaki sauce, grilled rump steak and two sides which were sweet potato mash and couscous salad. The steak was served on a wooden board with homemade pesto and a crunchy vibrant salad. The steak was well done, but succulent with hints of black pepper and Thai seasoning. It had a soft texture and was easy to cut and chew. The pesto was delicious with a thick grainy consistency. In terms of flavour and texture, this is the best steak I’ve had in a restaurant. The portion was generous and the slices were thick, which you would agree is a steak lover’s dream.

The chicken with Teppanyaki sauce was served on a large square plate and garnished with colourful peppers and a stuffed cucumber. The chicken itself was fairly bland, with a soft juicy texture that did not dry out the month. The Teppanyaki sauce, as the soy sauce suggests adds a rich and savoury flavour to the chicken. Both dishes can be made spicier with a dash of homemade chilli sauce. The rich tomato taste distracts the mouth from some of the heat, giving the sauce a comfortable kick.

The sweet potato mash was rich and sweet with a perfectly smooth texture.  The couscous salad was plain and tasteless but really nice when mixed with the pesto or the chilli sauce. Both side dishes were small, but when eaten with a main it was more than enough. The portions given could be helpful for someone who is interested in regulating their food intake, and to gain ideas of how much we need from different food groups.


There is a good choice of desserts from fruit salad to an extensive pancake collection, with unusual combinations such as Apple Crunch Protein Pancake. This is a pancake served with fresh fruit and a choice of honey or peanut butter. For dessert we had peanut butter protein ice cream. The peanut butter flavour was subtle with a slight sweetness.  The consistency was more like a sorbet than an ice cream, which made for a very refreshing taste.


Starter, mains, sides and dessert. Have you noticed the beautiful presentation?


There are a wide range of drinks on offer such as protein shakes, smoothies and standard soft drinks. We had mango Madness and strawberry Squeeze. The mango Madness was sweet and refreshing .The Strawberry Squeeze wasn’t as sweet, but this will change depending on the sweetness of the fruit.  Both came with an optional scoop of protein powder. The smoothies were mainly made from fresh fruit and it was clearly stated if juice was added.

Strawberry Squeeze and Mango Madness

Strawberry Squeeze and Mango Madness

Atmosphere/customer service

The soft chill out music in the garden made for a relaxing atmosphere. Our waitress was friendly and happy to answer any questions we had about the restaurant or the food.  As we were leaving families began to trickle in, clearly about to enjoy their evening meal.  This is a restaurant that caters to a wide range of people, from the gym bunny to the experienced foodie.

If your looking for simple food, cooked in an interesting and tasty way, then you should try Gyms Kitchen.

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