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Kenesha EP Launch // Thursday July 10 // Alley Cat

| Music, Special Events, Venues | 08/07/2014

Photograph by Martin Slidel

I caught up with North London Roots singer Kenesha over lunch on a not-so-sunny Sunday though her very presence illuminated the afternoon. She spoke with infectious enthusiasm about her forthcoming EP, ahead of its launch at the world-famous Alley Cat venue in the heart of London’s music district. Her new and inspirational collection features pared-back acoustic interpretations of Bluesy yet contemporary balladry, as requested by fans.

The EP Launch at the Alley Cat is one of those gigs not to be missed; offering no better start to any serious music lover’s weekend. At a fantastic fiver, the door price is simply irresistible. Be sure to book your ticket now. Meanwhile, check out the gorgeous single version of Kenesha’s critically-acclaimed and yearningly soulful Hey I. An alternative take is available on the EP, amongst the best of her wonderful writing.

Kenesha muses that “I look at Hey I as seeing myself in one place, and seeing myself in the future. It is about me but it is about other people. It’s a song about finding yourself, where you belong in the world…” And about being kind to yourself? “It is!” she nods emphatically, “I do ‘see you out there’ – knowing that you or someone else is smiling back at you…” An aural two-way mirror, reflecting the dreams and desires important to all of us.

Photograph by Martin Slidel

The opening track We Go Up and Down is based on the film The Pursuit of Happyness. As Kenesha explains, “It’s about trying to get somewhere. You keep knocking on the same doors but you sometimes have to be happy with what you have. It’s not particularly about my experience but there have been times! The song is a message for other people – saying that we can get there in the end.” That broad and beautiful smile crosses her face once more.

Kenesha says that “I wrote I Hate the Way about a friend who was seeing someone she really liked but the other person didn’t put that much effort in. It goes in sync – everybody goes through it. You meet someone, you like them, you give them your heart, they don’t reciprocate. But there might come a time when you think about another, then return to the person you love.” With a knowing look, she suggests that the song is re-titled I Love to Hate the Way.

Closing number Brown Shoes she regards “Like a hangover! When you wake up and think, goodness, I still have my jacket on!” She suppresses her giggles. “Bruno Mars is a reference point, Bob Marley, Jason Mraz. I was wearing golden shoes at the time [she mentions the Danish folk tale] – it is about going out dancing – being a party animal!” As auric rays finally filter through, I wonder how many of Kenesha’s new fans will wear-out their dancing shoes.

A review of the evening, will follow:

Photograph by Martin Slidel

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