Friday 09th December

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London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay Finale Presented by Coca-Cola at Hyde Park

| Festivals | 27/07/2012

Olympic Torch Event

Everyone’s favourite fizzy drink Coca-Cola sponsored the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay. To celebrate, quintessentially British acts such as Dizzee Rascal, Katy B, Friendly Fires, Mark Ronson performed in celebration.

This event marked the last journey of the Olympic flame as it finally reached the nation’s capital, honouring the achievements of Future Flames. The people who were chosen by Coca-Cola and the public were honoured for becoming inspirational Olympic Torchbearers for this momentous occasion.

Having been to both days of Barclaycard’s Wireless Festival, this event was considerably cheaper. At only a mere £15 for a ticket, it meant that I had more cash to spend on my favourite tipple! However, I do feel that as a native Londoner, maybe tickets should have been free? It was clear that the event did not sell out and as with the Olympics starting today, everyone will be feeling the pinch for the next few months.

Sunshine!Olympic Torch Relay 2

The weather was absolutely perfect, not a cloud in the sky. At a roasting 30C, it was appropriate to have a cider, or in this case an ice cold Coca-Cola which were given out for free!

Hyde Park, having seen quite a few concerts in recent weeks such as Hard Rock Calling, Madonna and Wireless Festival was covered in bark. Due to the temperamental British weather, something had to be done, as Wireless had turned the park into Hyde Swamp. However, I don’t know if the bark was a good idea or not. It was uncomfortable to sit on, unless you had a blanket, and it was horrible to walk on if you were in sandals. Also, I have awoken this morning with the horrible taste of bark dust in my throat. Guess we can’t have it all?

Best of the British

Deciding to arrive later in the day, as my friends and I have a universally strong distaste for Rizzle Kicks, we were just in time for Eliza Doolittle. She belted out her annoyingly catchy tunes such as Skinny Genes and Pack Up. To be honest, she wasn’t my cup of tea and I don’t really understand her target audience but she does have a strong voice. I do admire her for being able to sing live, unlike many of today’s auto-tuned pop stars.

Anywhere in the World

Peckham born Dubstep singer Katy B also performed at the event. Having been up and down the country playing at a series of Olympic Torch Relay gigs, she must be knackered! She certainly did not disappoint with her ethereal voice and dubstep beats. She sung a few of her popular hits, complete with live band, which had the crowd going absolutely crazy as she added a reggae vibe! She was later joined onstage by producer Mark Ronson to sing their Olympic single ‘Anywhere In the World’.

Boris Johnson, everyone’s “favourite” babbling Tory Mayor, also made an appearance onstage to greet the Olympic torch.

The WantedOlympic Torch Relay 3

Full of screaming thirteen year-olds, I felt a little old, however it was still fun! The Wanted even covered a few Coldplay (Paradise, Every Teardrop is a Waterfall and Fix You) songs without entirely butchering them. They certainly aren’t bad to look at, but all boy-bands are all the same to me, over-paid and arrogant!

He’s Just a Rascal…

Bow born MC Dizzee Rascal proved that he is back and better than ever, getting the crowds jumping from the very first song. Having seen him at Hackney Weekend , I was happy to see him again, having followed his music for almost ten years. I was glad to him headline in front of 80,000 people on such a beautiful day. He performed hits such as ‘Heavy’, ‘I Luv U’ and his official song for the Olympics featuring Katie Pepper, ‘Scream’.


All in all, it was a great day, the best of British music, great weather and the Olympic torch. This was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime event and it has changed my perspective of the games. Come on Team GB!

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