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London Aquarium: The Sea Dragon Kingdom will astonish you

| Holidays, Kids, Things to do | 23/06/2015

London Aquarium.
London Aquarium.

The London Aquarium plays host to hundreds of varieties of marine life from across the world including sharks, jellyfish, piranhas and the Gentoo penguins. The Aquarium is a unique experience, offering the chance to discover, and get closer than ever before with the addition of the Sea Dragon Kingdom, and Thames River Story. These new additions to the Aquarium offer a new insight into the diverse marine life of our seas.

The Sea Dragon Kingdom is a charming new addition showcasing an array of weedy sea dragons, curious-looking alligator pipe fish, and bright yellow seahorses. The new addition to the aquarium provides an added boast to what is already an incredible experience of discovery. The intricate details on the different weedy sea dragons are a sight to behold, whilst the yellow seahorses and alligator pipe fish will captivate your attention.

London Aquarium. Sea Dragon Kingdom.

London Aquarium. Sea Dragon Kingdom.

The new Thames River Story delves straight into the creatures of our beloved London River. One would assume that it the Thames was not suitable home to any marine life given the pollution that is often associated with the river. However, the marine experts at the Aquarium have once again proven us wrong; the Thames River Story narrates through a series of fish tanks, interactive films, and visual aids exactly the kind of marine life that is sustainable within the depths of it. The history of the Thames, its pollution and a virtual reality imagining the future of the river has never been as immersive as this.

The Aquarium also as expected plays hosts to hundreds of marine life and sea creatures from all over the world; from the artic, to the rainforests, to the tropics and the Atlantic –it can all be seen under one roof. There is a secondary purpose to the Aquarium that comes out more strongly with the new Thames River Story –an education into maintaining, preserving and protecting our seas, and its creatures. Once again the Aquarium has shown off its ecological and conservation efforts in this regard throughout the attraction.

The London Aquarium’s new Sea Dragon Kingdom and Thames River Story are two brilliant additions to what was already a marvellous attraction. Even with the opening of Shrek’s World next door in County Hall, I don’t’ think that the Aquarium will suffer from lack of interest.

Written by Sandip Kana | @sandipkana

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