Thursday 08th December

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“London are a very honest crowd!” – Neon Jungle at Wireless Festival, Finsbury Park

| Festivals, Music, Things to do, Uncategorized | 18/07/2014

Neon Jungle
(L-R) Amira, Asami, Jess and Shereen

4th – 6th July saw some of the best acts in music take to three stages across Finsbury Park, for 2014’s Wireless Festival. I was lucky enough to catch up with Neon Jungle’s Asami after their Sunday performance to talk Wireless, album promoting and Victoria’s Secret.

“We were really nervous before the Wireless set, I mean, London are a very honest crowd,” laughs Asami, “but it was great, the energy was amazing and it was a lot of fun.”

The girls performed at Wireless Festival and T in the Park over the last couple of weeks, to crowds of up to 85,000. “The festivals are amazing because no one can sit down, so you can really feel the crowd’s energy, I mean the arenas are great too, the fans at the arena gigs are incredible.”

Speaking of the fans, Asami explains how supportive Neon Jungle’s followers are; “We see a lot of familiar faces, and also new faces which then become familiar faces which is so nice. We get a lot of fan mail and stuff, recently we’ve been sent a lot of bracelets, I mean, we don’t want our fans to buy us anything but it’s really generous when they make little things like that.”

When asked about their performance at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in New York last year, which is heading to London for the first time in 2014, Asami tells me what a difference the performance made to the band’s status. “Victoria’s Secret was such a huge thing for us, it really triggered us into the public eye and was an amazing experience. There are no plans for us to perform again this year, but we’re really hoping to go and watch it in London.”

Finally, we get round to talking about the big news – Neon Jungle’s debut album. “It’s really exciting and we’ve been so busy. Generally, we’re always busy but lately we’ve been really busy! We don’t really have time to miss our families and stuff, obviously we do but we’re just constantly doing something and we don’t have time to think about it. Hopefully we’ll get a break at some point, just a couple of days but at the moment we’re really enjoying promoting the album and singles. It’s great.”

After the summer is over and all the festivals are finished, Asami is hoping a tour is on the cards. “We definitely want to tour. I mean, it’s so different from sitting listening to our music on your headphones to actually seeing us perform live. It’s such a different energy, it makes our songs sound different and we really want the fans to experience that. There are no solid plans yet but I hope so, yeah definitely.”

Having watched the girls recently at Wireless, and also a few months back at Brixton Academy, I can safely say fans (and those yet to experience Neon Jungle) would not be disappointed. The girls have such an amazing energy and it shows through their performances.

Neon Jungle’s debut album ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ is released on July 28th, and their current single ‘Louder’ is available now.

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