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London Sea Life Aquarium: A sharktastic marine attraction

| Kids, Things to do | 06/02/2014

London Sea Life Aquarium
London Sea Life Aquarium

Situated within the County Hall building on London’s Southbank, the London Aquarium is host to hundreds of different marine life. Whether you are a shark lover, a Gentoo penguin enthusiast, or you just want to see the tropical fish from Disney’s Finding Nemo film franchise, the London Aquarium is filled to the rim with a variety of marine life, and there is guaranteed to be something there to whet your appetite.

Once you have navigated your way through the long arduous queues, (which if you wanted to avoid I would recommend purchasing your ticket in advance), and entered the aquarium you will soon find yourself immersed into a deep blue ocean, full of fascinating and beautiful marine life. You begin with something that can only be described as a rite of passage, as you step slowly over a glass walkway overlooking a gang of hungry sharks. And then there is a walk through a tunnel constructed from a 25metre-long whale skeleton, from which beneath, you will be able to gaze upon a vast number of tropical, ocean, and corral fish, and a couple of green turtles.

Your journey through the aquarium will give you the chance to see marine life from certain areas of the world where conditions in the tanks have been stimulated from areas such as the Atlantic, the rainforests, and the tropics. From hammerhead sharks, to seahorses, crocodiles, piranhas and the green sea turtles, to name but a few of the marine life you will encounter in these different stimulated inhabited tanks.

The London Aquarium is more than just a marine life attraction; it is there to fulfil a purpose to protect our seas as a habitation. Within your three levelled tour of the attraction you will also have the opportunity to learn about each and every sea-water creature you encounter, and important ecological facts about efforts made at conserving them to ensure their longevity in the seas of our planet.

London Sea Life Aquarium

London Sea Life Aquarium

There are many other highlights of the London Aquarium including the feeding times, and if you are brave enough you could snorkel with the sharks, and get a real up-close and personal experience. Although, added extras such as snorkelling with the sharks, or the behind-the-scenes tour, and even feeding the turtles all come with an extra cost. But do not feel as if these extras are imperative to enjoying the wonders of the London Aquarium, because even with a standard ticket you are sure to have a sharktastic time when you consider there over 500 species, over 14 themed zones to encounter.

The London Aquarium should be on everybody’s to-do list of things to experience in London. It is a mesmerising experience, which you cannot get anywhere else in the capital. Finally, coming soon for February 2014, is the London Aquarium’s crustacean invasion; where visitors will be able to see the new Claws exhibition, including a number of lobster and crab species from around the globe. The London Aquarium is London’s only deep-water experience, but are you brave enough to take the plunge?

Written by Sandip Kana
(For more reviews follow @sandipkana)

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