Thursday 08th December

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‘Philosofood’ Book Launch

| Art, Comedy, Culture, Hidden London, Pubs, Restaurants, Special Events | 24/03/2014

Jammatology: Adam Hutchings and Chris Sav
Jammatology: Adam Hutchings and Chris Sav

An excellent evening at The London Particular launched Adam Hutchings’ and Chris Sav’s first foray into publishing. ‘Philosofood’ is essential reading for any self-respecting foodie, an adult ‘Horrible Histories’ wandering into both faction and imaginative fiction. A friendly and accessible tome, as its title may or may not indicate, ‘Philosofood’ is jam-packed with titillating tales and titbits, with scandalous stories of Roman excess – all those famous characters we think we know so well. Plus the odd, sometimes very odd, recipe; culinary or otherwise.

Tastier than a chocolate egg, for only a fiver

“We were just making food puns with philosophical references,” muses Adam, “like ‘Kant Cook Won’t Cook’…” “Martin Friedegger…” interjects Chris. Adam: “‘Bean and Nuttingness!’ We thought we’d write this book to mix together the silly puns with philosophy. It’s factual, it’s researched, but it’s still got an element of silliness in it. It’s a book about the food of philosophy and the philosophy of food.” This smart little paperback may also be read as a potted history layered with references to Western anomalies; cooking-up comparisons with contemporary culture where “the purpose of food becomes anything but nutrition.”

The fine art of dining, by Chris Sav

Hutchings and Sav are the gourmand’s art-lit duo known as ‘Jammatology’. As Chris explains, “Adam comes from a writing background and I come from an illustration background. We call ourselves ‘Jammatology’ as an amalgamation of those two things. We’re selling jam and cakes at markets, and that’s part of it, and then there’s articles and cartoons with Adam’s writing and my drawings.” Adam extrapolates that “There’s an element of both of us in both parts…” to which Chris responds “We have the same humour and express it in different ways.” It serves for pleasing cohesion in this satiating soft-cover sighting Socrates as “the head chef in the kitchen of philosophy.”

Seeking enlightenment via the philosophy of food (or beer)

What is it about their fixation with food? I imagine them as undergrads sharing both Halls of Residence and beans-on-toast. “Chris has quite an obsession…” agrees Adam, “I have a philosophical interest. The premise of the book is that in all of history there are certain things that philosophers deal with: death, sex and food. ‘Culture’ is what we add to that. The first chapter is about Greece and parties. There’s a whole Greek approach to drinking wine and conversing, and through that finding a philosophical dialogue. The second chapter is about Rome – decadent, over-indulging –” he imparts with resistantly English reserve.

A particular not peculiar crowd

The London Particular in particular, three minutes from New Cross (two stops on the Overground via Canada Water) is a terrific licensed café with refreshingly genial bar-staff. The atmosphere on the night was warm and welcoming, and guests were treated to two specially-created cocktails. So: cheers to the boys, and here’s to further fun and fare. For as Chris divulges, “the next book will be Medieval, and we’ll go through times and places…” With additional volumes in due course, their expectant readers hunger. Meanwhile, prints from the first run are available at

“A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all the books in the world.” – Louis Pasteur

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