Thursday 08th December

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Ruby Blue: Got the blues, somewhat reddened too

| Restaurants | 08/12/2013

Redeveloped Leicester Square
By Romazur (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Went to ‘Ruby Blue’ in Leicester Square on a Saturday night with seven female colleagues. Lucky man, you should think. I’d paid £40 in advance for: a small bowl of soup; a plate of pasta; a slice of cheesecake. A sprig of rocket here, a sprinkle of icing-sugar there, but you can’t disguise foil-marked pastry. No entertainment, an empty piano, and to say lack of service an understatement. The staff were indeed busy, chatting away at the desk; we garnered no less than four attendants at our table. Certainly no bargains on the painfully pricey wine list. Our first bottle was £29, an overpoweringly lemony Dashwood.

All this and the crappiest Christmas crackers in Christendom.

And what of the food you may ask. Hot, tasty and filling and little more. Ideal fodder for a boozy night out but wildly overpriced. Does the cost include shipping? The carrot-and coriander-soup was pleasant enough and I appreciated the fading zang of soft orange peel. The tortellini seemed to have been tossed in the remnants of some tomato sauce, blobs of which adhered to the soft squidgy shapes. Too piping hot, too far removed from authentic Italian cuisine. It represented the entirety of the vegetarian option and I wasn’t even asked if I’d wanted the parmesan. The cheesecake was fine, not too sweet, with a fluffy consistency, no distinct taste.

Cutting into her salad, a friend also cut onto a steak-knife buried beneath the leaves; embedded into the meat. No one else had cutlery hidden inside their over-cooked offerings. She requested the dish taken back but we were taken aback when the same waiter returned with the same plate. He threw an offhand comment that they forgot to remove the blade – still there – but what was she complaining about? Others were “obviously” using theirs and “I don’t know what you expect me to do about it.”

“Obviously”, my friend needed a fresh portion but was hungering interminably whilst we cleared our plates. ‘The Faulty Towers Dining Experience’ take note. Time to order our second bottle of wine – much needed – the £21 Pinot Grigio. The £29 version arrived instead and had to be sent back too. A waitress casually explained that (“obviously”) there was no alternative Pinot. By this stage however we had ‘managed’ to speak to the ‘manager’, levered an apology plus vino libre.

We eventually got the bill (asking thrice over) and were charged for both bottles plus service. I was sadly unable to convince anyone to refuse the 10%, as they are just too nice, and contributed to their tip just to make them feel better. On exit a burly bouncer (I am a short specksy geek) shouldered me out of his way, mentioning “sorry” in passing. Ah, the elite who’ve made it to ‘Ruby Blue’.


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