Thursday 08th December

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When Shannon met Demi – Demi Lovato at G-A-Y and KOKO

| Uncategorized | 09/06/2014

Shannon meets Demi at KOKO London
Shannon meets Demi at KOKO London

Watching Frozen in a nightclub was pretty surreal, I mean it’s hard to comprehend any Disney when you’ve had several jager bombs. Heaven was preparing its guests for the 1.30am arrival of Demi Lovato. When she finally arrived, the Camp Rock star was introduced by Jeremy Joseph and came on to her belting track Heart Attack. I got the impression throughout the night that not many of the crowd knew who she was, but that didn’t stop them from enjoying the six song set of her most well-know hits, Neon Lights, Really Don’t Care, Skyscraper, Made In The USA and of course, Let It Go. Demi worked the crowd with ease, and seemed as though she enjoyed her own performance, which is important to project on an audience who don’t necessarily know who’s on the stage.

The main event came the following day. The morning after the night before, I prepared myself for a day filled with Demi. Meet and greet, sound check and of course, the gig at KOKO. It was all very daunting, especially as the tickets for this had sold out in two minutes. Hardcore fans had paid £210 for a meet and greet with Demi, so I was majorly excited to meet her for myself. Arriving at the venue at 1pm sharp, it was around 3.30pm by the time I reached the front of the meet and greet queue. It was a lonely and nervous couple of hours, but I was about to meet the star of Sonny With A Chance so it didn’t matter. After being rushed up some stairs by a hilarious blonde American woman, there was Demi. I stepped beside her, she didn’t move. I was faced forward by a man in a suit, a camera flashed in my face before I even had chance to speak and I was moved on. I turned back before I stepped down the stairs and she was gone. I strolled down the stairs wondering what the fuck had just happened, my eyes still flickering from the flash. Was that her? Was that the X Factor judge who hundreds of girls were holding roses for outside the venue? Was that a waxwork shipped in temporarily so all the extreme fans would pay £210 for a three second meet and greet package? I had no idea what to think.

After a three-song sound check (some fans had paid an extra £50 for this, on top of their ticket price), Demi came on for the show around 6.40pm. The set list was impressive, there were only a few songs I hadn’t come across before, and the fans were screaming at every point possible. It’s nice to see a child-star who hasn’t gone off the rails, or at least one who fell off and clambered back on. Lovato is a strong role models for her fans all over the world, and doesn’t need to twerk or lick foam fingers to attract attention to herself. After watching her for two hours, it’s clear the girl can sing. There were no costume changes, no back up dancers (no dancing at all really, apart from some grinding during Got Dynamite, no one complained) and no extravagant stage sets. There was a hilarious moment during Neon Lights when Lovato attempted (and failed) to crowd surf, which I’m sure all the front-row beavers absolutely loved. Other highlights included Let It Go (always a favourite) and emotional rendition of Skyscraper. It was great to see Demi for the first time at such an intimate venue, it enabled her to project her vocal talent rather than put on an elaborate show. I’d seen a lot of stuff online from her Neon Lights tour prior to this, but this was not what I expected at all, in fact it was better. I’m sure that if/when Lovato does a UK arena tour, she’ll hold her own, and I’ve no doubt she would sell out the O2. KOKO was a great choice and an amazing gig to be a part of.

If I’ve learnt anything over the weekend, it’s that Demi Lovato has fans. When I say fans, I don’t mean just any fans. Demi’s fans refer to themselves as ‘Lovatics’. Urban Dictionary’s states that there is “a huge difference between a Demi Fan and a Lovatic. When a person really loves Demi Lovato, they are a Lovatic.” I can safely say, after seeing Demi perform at G-A-Y and KOKO, I am not a Lovatic, but I am a fan. Lovato has a great voice and stage prescence, that’s undeniable, and yes I have her albums, therefore I would say I am a fan. However, I was not sobbing before she even came on the stage, I wasn’t camping outside her hotel and I wasn’t tweeting her every 0.23 seconds every day she was in London, so I’m probably not a Lovatic. But hey, if you’ve got the time and the passion to do things like that, fair play. I think.

Demi will be back in November to support Enrique Inglesias on his four-date UK tour. Tickets go on sale on Friday 13th June at 9.30am. If Enrique’s fans don’t snap them up in the first five minutes, the Lovatics definitely will. Get your tickets here.

Demi spots a princess in the crowd at KOKO Demi Lovato performing at G-A-Y Demi wears metallic blazer and tie during G-A-Y performance Emotional at KOKO Demi showcases her musical talents at KOKO

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