Friday 09th December

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Shoreditch Pub Crawl review

| Pubs | 05/08/2013

Shoreditch Pub Crawl

The nature of a pub-crawl is simple. To see new pubs and bars in an area and to get very, very drunk. How could anyone mess that up? Well if you go on the Shoreditch Pub Crawl you’ll find out.

We’re told to meet at Bedroom Bar; personally I’m no Shoreditch native but even I knew where Bedroom Bar is. Not the best start when the pub-crawl picks a very obvious pub to kick things off, however it makes sense if the group needs to find the first pub easily so we persevere. Bedroom Bar is a nice little pub, when it’s the hottest summer Britain’s had in a while it’s a blessing to walk into an air-conditioned room. The drinks are standard, as a cider drinker I always find London pubs lacking in that department but like anywhere in Shoreditch the prices may take you a back a little.

We meet the organizer of the crawl with difficulty because there’s no way of figuring out who’s on it and where to pick up your wristband. We ask the bar staff and even they don’t seem to know; finally we meet our organiser who seems friendly enough and gives us our wristbands. Organised pub-crawls usually mean that there are discounts on drinks at the pubs and bars you visit. When my group and I enquire whether we get cheaper drinks, we’re informed no, that we get a shot at the first five pubs we visit. The Shoreditch Pub Crawl costs £10 if you book in advance and £12 on the door, so it’s not the best value for money, but we preserve again and hope the crowd will get us in the mood.

The problem with people, especially British people, is that we can’t really talk to each other. The only way to differentiate between the people at the pubs and the people on the crawl was their wristbands. My friends and I had already felt a sense of dread as we looked at the pictures on the websites, showing sweaty red-faced men swearing and jeering at a blurry camera in a bar. Not exactly showing off the diversity, creativity and eccentricity that Shoreditch has become known for.

We left Bedroom Bar for the Drunken Monkey, noticed a trend? Neither of these places are pubs. Bedroom Bar has more of a pub vibe, but Drunken Monkey is most definitely a bar. With our group cheering and screaming in the street we approach the Drunken Monkey, which turns out to be a restaurant with a bar in it. The drinks are obscenely expensive! My friends and I debate whether we pay £5.50 for a small bottle of cider or go to another pub and revisit the crawl at the next place. We ask the organiser where they are going next; we explain we’re too broke for the drinks here. He seems offended and explained we’re going to miss out of the party atmosphere if we leave, he says we should not drink here and wait till the next pub. Not wanting to wait around in a bar standing up for an hour, we decide to leave, forgoing the ‘party’ atmosphere and instead visit a beautiful out of the way pub with a beer garden.

The Shoreditch Pub Crawl doesn’t deliver on a lot of promises; there were few pubs, little discounts and little fun. If you want to go on a pub crawl that is reminiscent of you having to do forced activities at school, then go on the Shoreditch Pub Crawl. If you want to have an adventure discovering new and exciting pubs then you’ll have better luck just asking on Twitter.


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