Sunday 25th September

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Sinatra; The Man and his Music

| Theatre, Things to do | 03/08/2015


Frank Sinatra back at the London Palladium to celebrate his centenary year.

Its been 65 years since his first performance there in 1950. I admit that I was unaware of what to expect as I sat down in my seat (d33). I was up in the royal circle and the view couldn’t have been better! As the audience sat eagerly waiting for the show to start an iconic image of Frank Sinatra was displayed on the curtain. The curtains drew back to reveal the 24 piece orchestra. As the Big band were situated on a higher level of the stage meant that they were visible to the audience throughout. The orchestra began to play as Frank was welcomed to the stage in all of his glory. His famous pearly whites and the twinkle in his eye more apparent than ever as 25ft screen was lowered. The screen moving across the stage as if he was, really brought ‘Ol blues eyes’ to life as the quality of the footage was outstanding considering they were old clips.

Being taken on this amazing journey through his life complete with video clips, old photo’s, interviews and even a little appearance from familiar names such as Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jnr, it was a real nostalgic treat for the audience. One minute it felt as though you were at one of his concerts and he was there singing his heart out, the next being told stories by the man himself and then even in the middle of a casino enjoying the entertainment.

On the rare occasion I felt my concentration slip my attention was quickly caught again by the fantastic vibrant dancers and moving graphics displayed all over the stage. It would be impossible to single out any individual as the dancers were all brilliant, with energetic routines and wearing a smile through out. The choreography was perfectly fitting to Franks era, as were the costumes right down to the ladies shoes.

Unlike any show I have seen before this one soon became more than just a show to me, I found I had a more emotional attachment. Finding myself watching it through my Nans eyes, falling in love with Frank’s charm as he took us on his journey (and me on my trip down memory lane). Reminiscing of my childhood; family parties held in the parlour of the Beaton home. The smell of smoke, booze and perfume in the air. Loved ones gathered around to watch my late grandfather and his brothers play Sinatra’s music. At 29 I didn’t think I would enjoy the show half as much as I did so I was pleasantly surprised to find myself singing along to every single song.

As the show drew to an end with such songs as ‘I did it my way’, and ‘ That’s Life’ brought Frank from the black and white of his earlier years into full colour vision. A fantastic show bringing the past and present together to produce this truly beautiful tribute to Franks life.

Curtains close on the 10th of October 2015. I urge anybody who is a fan of Franks or like me has a small connection… go and see it, go, don’t miss out!


written by Leanne Beaton



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