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Sofie Hagen: Shimmer Shatter, until 17th December 2016 at Soho Theatre

| Comedy | 13/12/2016


Danish comedian Sofie Hagen is performing her latest show, Shimmer Shatter, at Soho Theatre until 17th December 2016.  Daniel Brodie went along to review the show on behalf of What’s On London and was impressed with her assured performance.  Hagen delivers a compelling show – belying her inexperience – peppered with gut-busting laughs and contrasting moments of heartfelt discussion.

Sofie Hagen is a relative newcomer to comedy, falling into the industry through an ex-boyfriend who happened to be a distinguished comedian in her native Denmark.  However, Hagen’s taken to stand-up like a duck to water, winning numerous newcomer awards since moving to London in 2012.  After a successful debut at the Edinburgh Fringe, she brought her first show – Bubblewrap – to Soho Theatre in 2015.  Now she returns to the same venue with Shimmer Shatter, following another acclaimed August run north of the border.

Shimmer Shatter is a compelling and deeply personal show, with gut-busting laughs and contrasting moments of heartfelt discussion.  Hagen’s approach is very much to my liking, making an immediate impact that leaves you feeling as if you’ve known her for years.  She comes across simply as a friend telling a series of stories.  They branch off at tangents, yet invariably manage to bring you right back to the plot with one hilarious line.  Some of the jokes can be a little crude.  Again this played to my humour, although it won’t be to everyone’s taste.


Hagen meets Brodie

Many of the stories focus on Hagen’s introverted nature.  One of my favourites was the idea that people who enjoy parties are doubly lucky: they can see 100 others doing the same; but those – like Hagen – who tend to hide in the toilet have no idea how many others may be hiding in adjacent cubicles.

She also spends time reminiscing about the silly things she did as a child, which will transport many back to their dafter days.  I mean, who hasn’t painted themselves from head to toe before, right?

As well as being so relatable, Hagen impresses with her assured stage presence and willingness to confront the darker aspects of her childhood.  Indeed, the show frequently fluctuates between fun-loving laughs and the very serious issues that troubled Hagen – and many others – growing up.

These eye-opening moments reinforce how moments in a child’s life can represent important turning-points.  Hagen deserves a great deal of credit for sharing them, as they can’t have been easy to discuss.  And perhaps even more credit for managing to wrap up Shimmer Shatter in one beautiful, final moment, tying everything together nicely.

If you are up for a relatable, funny and eye-opening night in London, go and see Sofie Hagen at Soho Theatre.

Sofie Hagen is performing Shimmer Shatter at Soho Theatre until Saturday 17th December 2016, before taking the show across Europe next year.  For tickets, head here.  To keep updated on Sofie’s future work, see her official website and follow her on Twitter @SofieHagen.

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