Thursday 08th December

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Sublime Soundcrash Scares

| Clubs, Music, Venues | 05/11/2013

Woody at work
Woody at work on the decks

Soundcrash hosts a night of DJing excellence to thrill audiophiles and revellers alike.

Sitting on a side road off Shoreditch High Street, Village Underground is fronted by a bustling stream of people. Most are in a jubilant mood though some are plastered in a palette of deathly face paint which belies the general atmosphere of merriment.

It’s the night after Halloween – traditionally a time when those of a Catholic persuasion are preparing for All Souls’ Day. But Soundcrash wants to extend the spook-filled festivities of the previous night for a few more hours. They’ve commandeered the venue and have assembled three of the world’s finest DJs, Messrs Yoda, Woody, and Cheeba, to entertain, guide, and perhaps even frighten revellers until the early hours of the morning.

Inside there’s not much to suggest a ghoulish setting other than the occasional brush with a drunkenly dressed devil. The Village Underground is a warehouse refined and polished into a club venue. Pumpkins and tacky witch paraphernalia are thankfully (or sadly depending on your point of view) reserved strictly for the more dedicated costume lovers of the night. The bare-brick walls hark back to a time when the country’s industry was founded on coalmines and steelworks. They scale high up into a vaulted ceiling. If anything, the venue resembles a modernised church. And it is apt, that as the music reverberates in this amphitheatre, the congregation know that for all their face paint and fake teeth, the focus for tonight is the music and its accompanying videos.

It is some undertaking to entertain a large, restless crowd, particularly as the night segues into early morning, but the Djs are up for the task. This isn’t simply a job. Speaking to them beforehand, it was clear that here are three men besotted with their trade. There is something rather endearing about their dedication and witnessing firsthand the craft of each man certainly adds to this sentiment.

The sets are characterised by a sharp, technical focus but this by no means drains them of life. Indeed, there are sparkling touches of satire mingled in the videos – projected onto a big screen behind the decks – and even time for some Halloween themed detours. Yoda pulls out some classic Michael Jackson, pairing Thriller with a Lego version of the famous music video before splicing TV series du jour, Breaking Bad, with some Destiny’s Child. Say My Name never sounded so hypnotic or threatening.

The highlight of the night is arguably the entrance of Woody. Dressed in a bucket hat, sporting shades and some not-so-expertly applied face paint, the DJ asks the crowd “How the f**k are you feeling?” before launching into a set drenched in hip-hop history. The Burnley man had promised to bring nostalgia and he duly delivers. He’s a frenzied silhouette who threatens to veer into parody with his 90’s attire (replete with gold chain) but avoids this trap with a potent combination of skill and sheer enthusiasm.

Indeed, with a mass of skull masks and pitchforks the whole night walks a tightrope between excitement and comedic denouement but as the morning eases the night to its end, there can be no denying that this has been a thrilling showcase of skill and ultimately entertainment.

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