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The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre Review

| Comedy, Theatre | 28/06/2013

Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppets in Space

London is a beautiful city where theatre and culture thrive. The Scottish Falsetto Puppet Theatre fulfils the promise of theatre, yes, but the only references to culture that you’ll find are the references made to pop culture.

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre has been touring since 2007 and have performed quite a few times at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which says a lot about their popularity and fan following. The puppets are currently touring with their new show Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppets in Space, a show that contains their standard sketches, songs, socks and violence with the added bonus of space.

An intimate venue, the Leicester Square Theatre provided the perfect backdrop for the show. The audience was not exactly large, but they were very receptive. The “theatre” that was the setting for the puppets was a simple contraption, which I am assuming has seen quite a few years. The “stage” for the puppets was an explosion of tartan; I’m assuming to put emphasis on the Scottish aspect the show.

Come 7pm, the show began with an introduction to our main characters, who without names, shall now be known as puppet one and puppet two. Playing off each other quite well, the two puppets’ personalities directly opposed each other, which allowed the audience a personal insight into the relationship between them (oh dear, did I really just say that…). Immediately, puppet one was portrayed as the uptight organiser of the duo, while puppet two was clearly the fool and comic relief. The relationship and banter between the two puppets was reflective of the relationship between two siblings, playful, insulting, raging, yet ultimately close.

The show flew through a rage of space references from Star Trek to Doctor Who and of course, no space show would be possible without a Star Wars reference, but it seemed that the show still needed a little refining as certain jokes and sketches fell flat. However, there were some moments that caused a deep belly laugh, which is all someone really wants while watching falsetto sock puppets. One of the these moments came from the errant leg of the Ken doll that was used to portray Hans Solo and the subsequent ad lib that was included in trying to manage said errant leg.

The puppets in action

For an hour-long show, the puppeteer does fairly well to keep the interest of the audience, after all, we are talking sock puppets here. Through sketches, songs and multiple references to Paul the technician on musical numbers, the puppets manage to keep the audience relatively entertained. However, the self-deprecating manner of the two puppets, which was initially entertaining, became a little overused and tired towards the end.

While sock puppets aren’t normally my thing, there were definitely moments in this show that had me laughing, nevertheless, I’m not sure that sock puppets are for everyone. I think they require a specific taste, a taste that I haven’t quite developed yet.

The show will be touring around the U.K. through the month of July with two more shows in London. More information can be found on the show’s website below. The show also has quite a large YouTube following so if you would like a taste of the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppets before you contemplate seeing their show, go have a quick peek.

by Gigi Tsang –

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