Wednesday 17th August

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Baby Wants Candy: Thrones! The Musical Parody review

| Comedy, Festivals, Music, Theatre | 24/08/2016

© Jessica Verma
© Jessica Verma

Ian Cater, Chief Features Writer

The latest production from US comedians Baby Wants Candy is a fun, crude and entertaining tribute to Game of Thrones, with plenty of tits and dragons.

Warning: as with the musical, this review contains some GoT spoilers.

Like its televisual inspiration, Thrones! The Musical doesn’t take itself too seriously.  That much is clear from the opening number, which bluntly tells those who prefer George R.R. Martin’s books to leave now.  Because of that, it can recognise the TV show’s flaws upfront without committing sacrilege: “So many plot lines quickly end in disaster, although the blonde-girl-in-the-desert one could go a lot faster.”

We then cut to an apartment, where recently divorced Lesley admits to her friends that she’s never seen the hit HBO series.  Although initially horrified (“No wonder he left you!”), the friends agree to act out GoT to show her what she’s missing.  That kicks off a procession of parody songs covering all the main characters, including Jon Snow (posey and ponderous), Tyrion Lannister (with shoes on kneeling knees), Ygritte (all flame-haired and Northern putdowns) and Jaime Lannister (complaining that the seven kingdoms can’t muster up a flesh-like hand).  The acting and singing are enjoyably over-the-top in a style similar to – but never quite reaching – The Book of Mormon, although the apartment scenes that we regularly return to add little and sometimes grate.

The GoT characters are well-observed, reflecting Tyrion’s inability to say ‘Westeros’, The Hound’s every-ready vulgarity and Cersei’s inclination to deal with grief through incest.  And a couple of songs really stand out: Daenerys and Khal Drogo’s duet while doing it doggy style, watched by Ser Jorah (adding “one more image to the Iron Wank Bank of Bravos, Khaleesi”); and an emotional song about fondly remembered Hodor.

The show also works in some topical references, such as having Donald Trump as The Wall’s architect: “It’s gonna be huge!  And I’m gonna make the Wildlings pay for it”; and when Trump stabs Jon Snow “for The Watch” and Snow stabs him back “for The World.”

For GoT aficionados, this is all great fun if occasionally predictable.  If you’re not a fan of the TV series, it’ll make no sense to you whatsoever.

Baby Wants Candy are performing Thrones! The Musical Parody at 17.00 at Assembly George Square Studios until 29th August (with an extra show at 23:00 on 24th).  For tickets, head here.  For details of their next London shows, check Baby Wants Candy’s official website or follow @Thronesmusical on Twitter.

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