Sunday 04th December

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Playboy Club London’s Gothic Gin Garden Pop Up

By Samm Abbott

Playboy Club London has transformed into a unique fairy-tale style ‘Gothic Garden’ for this November, when it plays host to its first Tanqueray Gin pop-up. 

The Gothic Garden opened on 27th October and will run until the 24th November.  It is simply a stunning venue, decked with ethereal ferns, roses and greenery to showcase an intriguing yet comfortable environment to make your gin dreams come true.

IMG_2293Customers will be able to relax with specially crafted gin cocktails, before enjoying the ultimate personalised gin inspired experience.  There are two experiences on offer, the ‘gin & on it’ or the ‘ginfusion’.

The ‘gin & on it’ experience allows you a personalised tailored session with the Playboy Club London’s bartender who will talk you through the interactive botanical gin garden.  This will allow you to create your own bespoke gin cocktail.

Customers opting for the full ‘ginfusion’ experience will not only receive a glass of gin punch on arrival but will soon be visited by the ‘gin fusion’ trolley.  Here you will have a go at pressure infusing your favourite botanicals with Tanqueray gin to create your very own, custom-made G&T.  You’ll also take away a 300ml measure of your ‘ginfusion’ in a bottle with bespoke label, to enjoy at home.

This was a fun and unique way to enjoy Tanqueray Gin and for only £33, extremely good value!  Here at What’s On London, we absolutely loved this experience and haven’t stopped talking about.

Advance tickets for a table reservation, can be purchased for either £10.00 or £33.00 per head.  For tickets, visit

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What’s On, London? 8th – 11th June 2017

Ian Cater, Chief Features Writer

Last weekend was a tragic one for London.  But we can’t let mindless, hateful morons stop us doing what we do best: making the most of the amazing things this great city has to offer everyone – whatever your tastes and interests.  We carry on.  We must and we will.  With that in mind, the next few days offer plenty of opportunities for Londoners to seek escapism, to laugh and to marvel at the creative contributions people make to our shared culture every day.

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The Sherlock Holmes, Northumberland Street WC2


By Ian Cater, Chief Features Writer

Benedict Cumberbatch, Robert Downey Jr, Jonny Lee Miller … whether you’ve been glued to the big or small screen, Sherlock Holmes’ cachet has never been higher.  So what better time to relaunch a Sherlock themed pub in the heart of the city?  

That’s precisely what The Sherlock Holmes, just off Trafalgar Square, did on 2nd February 2016 to a very positive reception.  And this isn’t some johnny-come-lately jumping on the zeitgeist.  The historic pub is steeped in Sherlockian tradition.

Even looking beyond the fact you’re drinking a pint of Sherlock House Ale, eating Inspector Lestrade’s Favourite Ploughman’s Lunch and surrounded by an eye-watering amount of memorabilia, being in this pub feels like you’re very much part of something special.  In an increasingly competitive London eating and drinking scene, that goes a long way.  Elementary, my dear What’s On readers.  

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The writing was on the wall
The writing was on the wall // Photograph by Martin Slidel

The Review that Never Was


Arrived at the Oxford Arms to a review a fringe production. Usual enough. Long day at the office followed by an inspirational exhibition of children’s art that I’d been invited to by a local secondary school. Spent my time and money staying out, traipsing around my old (very old) stomping ground of Camden before time to venture forth.

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Jammatology: Adam Hutchings and Chris Sav
Jammatology: Adam Hutchings and Chris Sav

‘Philosofood’ Book Launch


An excellent evening at The London Particular launched Adam Hutchings’ and Chris Sav’s first foray into publishing. ‘Philosofood’ is essential reading for any self-respecting foodie, an adult ‘Horrible Histories’ wandering into both faction and imaginative fiction. A friendly and accessible tome, as its title may or may not indicate, ‘Philosofood’ is jam-packed with titillating tales and titbits, with scandalous stories of Roman excess – all those famous characters we think we know so well. Plus the odd, sometimes very odd, recipe; culinary or otherwise.

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Shoreditch Pub Crawl

Shoreditch Pub Crawl review

The nature of a pub-crawl is simple. To see new pubs and bars in an area and to get very, very drunk. How could anyone mess that up? Well if you go on the Shoreditch Pub Crawl you’ll find out.

We’re told to meet at Bedroom Bar; personally I’m no Shoreditch native but even I knew where Bedroom Bar is. Not the best start when the pub-crawl picks a very obvious pub to kick things off, however it makes sense if the group needs to find the first pub easily so we persevere. Bedroom Bar is a nice little pub, when it’s the hottest summer Britain’s had in a while it’s a blessing to walk into an air-conditioned room. The drinks are standard, as a cider drinker I always find London pubs lacking in that department but like anywhere in Shoreditch the prices may take you a back a little.

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Evans and Peel

Evans & Peel Detective Agency. 310c Earls Court Road SW5 9BA.

Last week, I travelled through space and time.  This had nothing to do with Doctor Who or my own aptitude for quantum physics. It did though, have everything to do with the folks over at The Evans and Peel Detective Agency.   Be forewarned, Evans and Peel pride themselves on secrecy.  With that in mind, I’m sure they won’t mind me blowing their cover and telling you that their establishment is in fact a speakeasy straight out of 1920’s America.  Oops.

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The Dickens Inn

London’s Riverside Pubs; our top 3 by the Thames

Enjoy some food and drink with a wonderful riverside view

On the occasions when it isn’t raining, London is a great place to catch some wonderful points of scenery and views. Whenever it’s time for a sociable drink or a bite to eat on a sunny day, most of the bigger restaurants and bars get filled up quite quickly. We have picked our top 3 pubs that you can take a visit to. Our top choices offer food, drink, games and activities topped off with a view to remember.

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