Sunday 25th September

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Love Music Love Food
Juliette Lewis more than graces the cover of ‘Love Music Love Food’.

Rock Star Cookbook for Teenage Cancer Trust


Patrice de Villiers is a world-renowned and astoundingly artful food photographer. When we met at her book launch for Teenage Cancer Trust at Quaglino’s in Mayfair, she spoke candidly of her three-year journey photographing rock stars ‘in context’ with their favourite food. I began by asking how she got involved and she replied that “It’s actually my baby! I created it from having the initial kernel of the idea, in a very rock ‘n’ roll fashion! I was in a hotel bar late at night, having watched one of my favourite bands, Muse, chatted to them, and it turned out that the front-man was particularly into cooking. So, I thought, my passion is music and, obviously, I’m a food photographer, so why don’t I combine the two. And I thought what I really should do is do it for the Teenage Cancer Trust, I don’t want to just create a vanity project.”

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