Sunday 09th May

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The Isle of the Unexpected with Jura Whisky: Looking Glass Cocktail Club, 13th – 22nd October 2016

Immersive arts company Art of Disappearing – formed by Rachel Champion and Tristan Shorr – bring their latest project to London tomorrow in association with Jura Whisky.  In a unique drinking and cultural experience, for seven nights (13th-15th and 19th-22nd) The Isle of the Unexpected transports ticket-holders from Shoreditch’s buzzing Looking Glass Cocktail Club to the small Scottish island of Jura.  There, each group will wander through a rich, audio-led experience, under the pretext of finding inspiration for a mysterious filmmaker.  

Before entering Champion and Shorr’s evocative world later this week, Ian Cater caught up with them to discuss their inspiration for the project and what participants can expect during their 30 minute slot.

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Category: Culture