Saturday 23rd October

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Imogen Miller Porter
Imogen Miller Porter photographed by Martin Slidel

Spotlight on Imogen Miller Porter

It’s a delight to catch up with actor and writer Imogen Miller Porter, just as she’s finishing her current run as the screeching matriarch in the interactive Faulty Towers Dining Experience at Charing Cross Hotel. Despite what I imagine as an exhaustive role she blusters into the nearby café looking fresh as a daisy; resplendent in turquoise plaid shirt, plaited locks not quite free of that infamous Sybil coiffure.

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Category: Comedy
Redeveloped Leicester Square
By Romazur (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Ruby Blue: Got the blues, somewhat reddened too


Went to ‘Ruby Blue’ in Leicester Square on a Saturday night with seven female colleagues. Lucky man, you should think. I’d paid £40 in advance for: a small bowl of soup; a plate of pasta; a slice of cheesecake. A sprig of rocket here, a sprinkle of icing-sugar there, but you can’t disguise foil-marked pastry. No entertainment, an empty piano, and to say lack of service an understatement. The staff were indeed busy, chatting away at the desk; we garnered no less than four attendants at our table. Certainly no bargains on the painfully pricey wine list. Our first bottle was £29, an overpoweringly lemony Dashwood.

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Category: Restaurants