Sunday 25th September

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Flo & Joan: The Kindness of Stranglers review


Ian Cater, Chief Features Writer

Flo & Joan have the world of musical comedy at their feet after this faultlessly entertaining show.

Musical comedy duo Flo & Joan attracted quite a buzz ahead of the Fringe.  This wasn’t due to the title of their new song, Save The Bees, but because many saw comparisons to the fantastic Flight of the Conchords.  On the evidence of this faultless, enjoyable show, The Kindness of Strangers, the buzz was entirely justified.  English sisters Nicola and Rosie Dempsey – recently returned from Canada and signed to Avalon – have some great years ahead of them.

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Category: Comedy

Nick Helm Is F*cking Amazing – Album Out Now


By Ian Cater, Chief Features Writer

As we revealed in February, alongside writing new stand-up material and reading through scripts for the next series of Uncle, Nick Helm’s been busy working on his second studio album, titled Nick Helm Is F*cking Amazing.  The album’s out now and fans of Helm, and rock music in particular, are in for a treat.

While not as consistent as his 2013 album, Hot ‘n’ Heavy, the best tracks expertly fuse Helm’s humour with musical authenticity, perfectly treading that fine line between originality and pastiche.  And it’s great to hear him occasionally move outside his rock safe ground with homages to the great and good of twentieth century music, including Elton John, Queen and The Beatles.

Some of the others tracks deliberately deliver more to music, than to comedy, fans, leaving you waiting for a punchline that never comes.  Still enjoyable, these are likely to work better live, where Helm’s stage presence will bring their lyrics to life.

To test this, you can still get tickets for this Thursday’s All Killer Some Filler at the O2 Forum Kentish Town, where Helm will perform his hits and five jokes in what he’s billed as the “greatest live event ever attempted”.

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Category: Comedy