Tuesday 27th September

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Imogen Miller Porter
Imogen Miller Porter photographed by Martin Slidel

Spotlight on Imogen Miller Porter

It’s a delight to catch up with actor and writer Imogen Miller Porter, just as she’s finishing her current run as the screeching matriarch in the interactive Faulty Towers Dining Experience at Charing Cross Hotel. Despite what I imagine as an exhaustive role she blusters into the nearby café looking fresh as a daisy; resplendent in turquoise plaid shirt, plaited locks not quite free of that infamous Sybil coiffure.

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Category: Comedy
Matthew Trusler
Matthew Trusler

1901 Arts Club: Matthew Trusler & Gordon Back


1901 Arts Club // Waterloo

It’s worth getting to 1901 Arts Club early. I arrived about ten minutes after doors open, and the charming and elegant upstairs bar was buzzing. The first in a series of Hattori Foundation Birthday Recitals was pretty much sold out – so book your tickets soon. Erich Gruenberg, chairman of the trust that supports young and gifted musicians, commenced proceedings with an entertaining and enlightening introduction. His pleasure in sharing two of the world’s “favourite sonatas” was infectious.

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Greek Tragedy at The Scoop with More London

I’ve walked past The Scoop countless times and thought ‘well, that looks awesome. A scooped seating area right next to Tower Bridge and The Shard? Epic’. But then I’ve always trundled on past and forgotten about it. So when I stumbled upon the More London events site I could not resist paying a proper visit. Particularly when I saw they are having a summer of Greek Tragedy. You just can’t go wrong with some violence, questionable parent/child relationships, and some divine intervention (well, you can, hence the tragedy part).

Greek tragedy is best watched out doors, as it originally was. At The Scoop the actors get help from the surroundings – darkness falls as the play gets darker and the characters get more wretched. By the end of Antigone, at about 10pm, the atmosphere had grown really quite thick with hatred and misery so with the darkness thrown in on top, it got pretty emotive.

The evening is split into three parts: the first, the family section, is The Prince of Thebes, then after a short break it moves into the much more adult Oedipus and from there into Antigone. By the nature of the venue there were people milling about everywhere, wandering in to watch a bit and wandering back out again. Rather than being a distraction, I think this is a strength of the whole enterprise. The venue allows people to either have a taste or fully immerse themselves in the evening.

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Category: Festivals
Beer festival

Ready, Steady, Drink! The Great British Craft Beer Challenge Festival

England has a long beer drinking tradition that dates back centuries, so what better way to celebrate the summer then with a nice cold beer. In Hackney London fields, sits the relatively secluded London Fields Brewery and today we are here to attend my first beer festival. I am eager to try the large selection of beer and local street food.  After me and my guest were given our pint glasses and food cards – the joys of being part of the press, we were ready to venture in and start the beer tasting.

The Beer

Today Great Britain and Europe are going head to head, with the aim of finding the best beer. My patriotic spirit swayed me to choose a British beer first and that was Magic Rock Carnival .  After my first sip the feelings of summer had disappeared, as my mouth was filled with the bitter after taste of the beer.  On my second sip there was a slight sweet tone, but that was soon over run with a sharp bitterness. At 4.3% this ale may be mild to an experienced beer drinker, but beginners should beware!

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Category: Festivals
Olympic Torch Event

London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay Finale Presented by Coca-Cola at Hyde Park

Everyone’s favourite fizzy drink Coca-Cola sponsored the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay. To celebrate, quintessentially British acts such as Dizzee Rascal, Katy B, Friendly Fires, Mark Ronson performed in celebration.

This event marked the last journey of the Olympic flame as it finally reached the nation’s capital, honouring the achievements of Future Flames. The people who were chosen by Coca-Cola and the public were honoured for becoming inspirational Olympic Torchbearers for this momentous occasion.

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Category: Festivals
Wireless Mud

Barclaycard Wireless 2012 Day Three with headliners Jessie J and Rihanna

The Final Chapter

The final day of Wireless Festival 2012 was more like a swamp than anything. The great British public should be commended for being brave, no matter rain or shine. The whole of Hyde Park had turned into a scene from the trenches, with mud absolutely everywhere, the green grass of yesteryear was a distant memory. This was truly a British summer.

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Category: Festivals
BBC Radio 1 Hackney Weekend

BBC Radio 1 Hackney Weekend Review

If you were sat at home watching the highlight’s of BBC Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend, regretting that you didn’t register. You missed one of the most amazing festival line-ups this summer!


Hackney, located in the heart of East London, is the host borough for the London 2012 Olympics. Hackney is an urban area, well-known for the vast amount of home-grown talent from the likes of Leona Lewis, Professor Green, Dizzee Rascal and many more. It is amazing to see something positive happening in a once deprived area, as Hackney hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons last summer…

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Category: Festivals

London Literature Festival

Dig deep into the world of words at the London Literature Festival (3- 12 July)

Heading into it’s sixth year is the London Literature Festival. Located in the capital’s Southbank Centre, writers from all over the globe will join together to celebrate the world of literature as we know it. Writers from London to as far as Mumbai will share their passion for literature through discussions, performances and more.

With over 50 events set to take place at the centre in conjunction with the festival, there will be loads to get involved in. We have selected a few to prepare you for what’s in store.

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