Tuesday 27th September

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Rachel Parris: Keynote review


Ian Cater, Chief Features Writer

Parris delivers an upbeat message for the next generation, showcasing her recent development as a stand-up.

Over the past twelve months, Rachel Parris has started to tap into the sort of success her abilities warrant.  This has come at a price: an ominous invitation to deliver a motivational speech at her alma mater, Loughborough High School, in September.  The self-deprecating comedian, musician and actress is concerned she will have nothing of value to say to these “500 teenage girls with the education of princesses, but with the gritty realism of the East Midlands”, so uses Keynote to air what she’d like to share with the next generation and garner other ideas from her audience.

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Rachel Parris 086

Rachel Parris: Best Laid Plans, Edinburgh Preview

In the first of our Edinburgh Fringe previews, Ian Cater meets comedian, actress and musician Rachel Parris to chat about her new show, Best Laid Plans, which she is performing daily at The Pleasance Dome.

“Sorry, I’m so distracted by this stupid fringe,” Rachel Parris apologises with a soft East Midlands lilt.  She’s not talking about the annual Edinburgh cultural orgy – where she appears next week in her third solo show – but the blonde strands that keep dropping into her eye line.  “I got this haircut six months ago after a breakup and now I’m aggressively trying to grow it out.”

That breakup forms part of her new show, Best Laid Plans, reflecting the fact she expected by now to have settled down and grown up, whatever that means.

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