Friday 18th June

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Sheeps: Live and Loud Selfie Sex Harry Potter review


Ian Cater, Chief Features Writer & Reviewer

Despite the performers’ pedigree, Sheeps’ return to sketch comedy doesn’t quite match the sum of its parts.

Sheeps, as they announce after an enjoyable opening number, haven’t performed together in four years and this show is heralded as their triumphant return.  In the interim, Liam Williams has had fingers in pretty much every creative pie going (Ladhood, Pls Like, Capital), Alastair Roberts has made a name for himself as an accomplished comic actor (recently seen excelling in Stath Lets Flats) and Daran Johnson has showcased his writing talents on sitcoms like Year Friends.  In short, the three possess bucket loads of talent, but don’t manage to mop up as much laughter as they should in this format.

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Category: Comedy