Tuesday 27th September

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Gyuri Sarossy and Kirsty Besterman
Gyuri Sarossy and Kirsty Besterman

Tonight at 8.30 @ Richmond Theatre


Ways and Means

Initially warring factions in a not-so-typical marriage make for some scintillating scenes. Hilarious for its own sake, you laugh along and forget why you’re laughing. The stridency of the entire cast is undoubtedly indebted to the genius of Noël Coward – easily on par with Wilde – like watching a Victoria Wood sketch cranked-up to the nth degree. Thank you English Touring Theatre for the rediscovery. Gyuri Sarossy as the husband is fierce and manic; Kirsty Besterman as the wife, sharp and sassy. Shereen Martin as Elena is just great. Coward’s catty and sometimes nasty dialogue is ever ripe for the picking. Or the pickling – juicy and sour as a cocktail cucumber. Brilliantly modern, an effective commentary on capitalism, then as now. For money drives quite literally.

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Category: Comedy