Sunday 09th May

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Austentatious Publicity Image

Austentatious: An Improvised Jane Austen Novel, Edinburgh Preview

In our sixth Edinburgh Fringe preview, Ian Cater speaks to Daniel Nils Roberts of the Austentatious improvised comedy troupe about their award-winning show, chastity, trust, blasphemy and yoghurt.  Austentatious are performing their unique brand of period comedy – based on an original, and often whimsical, Jane Austen title suggested by the audience – at Udderbelly each day until 21st August. 

Most performers I’ve spoken to in the build-up to the Fringe express similar emotions: relief that the phoney war is nearly over and a panicky wish to squirrel themselves away for more revision before an all-important exam.  But from a growing number of improvised comedians, there’s a different vibe: one of calm contentment, stemming from inborn confidence, acting acumen and experience.

Daniel Nils Roberts knows more than most about the world of ‘improv’.  After graduating from the legendary Oxford Imps collective – a La Masia for churning out talented, spontaneous performers such as Ivo Graham and Rachel Parris – he’s starred in a number of improv groups including Racing Minds and Impromptu Shakespeare.

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The Sherlock Holmes, Northumberland Street WC2


By Ian Cater, Chief Features Writer

Benedict Cumberbatch, Robert Downey Jr, Jonny Lee Miller … whether you’ve been glued to the big or small screen, Sherlock Holmes’ cachet has never been higher.  So what better time to relaunch a Sherlock themed pub in the heart of the city?  

That’s precisely what The Sherlock Holmes, just off Trafalgar Square, did on 2nd February 2016 to a very positive reception.  And this isn’t some johnny-come-lately jumping on the zeitgeist.  The historic pub is steeped in Sherlockian tradition.

Even looking beyond the fact you’re drinking a pint of Sherlock House Ale, eating Inspector Lestrade’s Favourite Ploughman’s Lunch and surrounded by an eye-watering amount of memorabilia, being in this pub feels like you’re very much part of something special.  In an increasingly competitive London eating and drinking scene, that goes a long way.  Elementary, my dear What’s On readers.  

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