Sunday 04th December

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Beer festival

Ready, Steady, Drink! The Great British Craft Beer Challenge Festival

England has a long beer drinking tradition that dates back centuries, so what better way to celebrate the summer then with a nice cold beer. In Hackney London fields, sits the relatively secluded London Fields Brewery and today we are here to attend my first beer festival. I am eager to try the large selection of beer and local street food.  After me and my guest were given our pint glasses and food cards – the joys of being part of the press, we were ready to venture in and start the beer tasting.

The Beer

Today Great Britain and Europe are going head to head, with the aim of finding the best beer. My patriotic spirit swayed me to choose a British beer first and that was Magic Rock Carnival .  After my first sip the feelings of summer had disappeared, as my mouth was filled with the bitter after taste of the beer.  On my second sip there was a slight sweet tone, but that was soon over run with a sharp bitterness. At 4.3% this ale may be mild to an experienced beer drinker, but beginners should beware!

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