Sunday 04th December

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© Tracey Moberley
© Tracey Moberley

Mark Thomas: The Red Shed review


Ian Cater, Chief Features Writer

The Red Shed is an intense and moving masterpiece, representing the very best of Mark Thomas’ talents as a comedian, actor and journalist.

Mark Thomas begins by recounting an interview he gave to NME in 1989.  He rattled through his answers, before being asked: “Where do you get your politics from?”  Thomas knew it stemmed from his time at ‘The Red Shed’, a Labour Club in Wakefield, where he became involved in the 1984 Miners’ Strike.  Before realising, Thomas had delivered a rant to the unsuspecting reviewer – which he repeats now – about a march he joined through the heart of a pit village and past a school playground where children ran forward crying to sing “Solidarity Forever” at their fathers and sons, supporting them in their fight against injustice.  Then Thomas goes silent, sweating and teary.  Finally, he injects some levity: “I’ve told that story so many times, that I’ve no idea whether it’s even true.”

During the rest of the performance, Thomas reports on his quest to test his memory was true: to track down that village and those children “without sounding like a paedophile”.

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